Friday, January 6, 2017

Left Alone: A poem

Left Alone
You picked whom you know
You helped your very own
You left me alone
To walk in the cold untold

You scurried off your car
You left me by my heart
To ponder o’er your act
But my heart did its art

And sang a joyous chorus
Though the cold perilous
But walked with gaily pleasure
To reach my throne glorious

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Herdsmen: A Poem

Herdsmen or hard-men?
Who are these that slay without restraint?
Who are these that thirst for blood?
Who are these that plunder the land?

Their herds destroy our land
Turning fields of greens to grounds of ruins
And giving our farms the semblance of siege
As if to say the locusts had stricken

Their hearts abhor our princely heads
They disdain our natural rights to life
They rebuke with the whip of death
Our courage to query their heinous deeds

At their might miles of farmland were thrashed
In their hands many a soul have ceased to breathe
Villages were razed and races aborted
These are not herdsmen but hard-men, the enemies of mankind.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Taken- A Poem in Remebrance of Chibok Girls on 2016 Children's Day

Taken at night
Taken with might
Taken in fright
Taken to spite
On a night they met their plights

The girls the army of hades despised
The teens the hordes debased to fear
The pupils the people could not preserve
The wards the war could wash

A century and another, scores more, they are in number
So many the size of many nations
Should they are Mother Theresas
Then, if they are hurt, the world will halt

 Please, spare me the thought of their doom
See not my mind what their plights could be
No! my body will wear and my heart could tear
Should I’m let to figure their fret


But pray my soul to Him that dwells on high
Him with whom no wit can thrive
To save the girls the soldiers ensnared
From the men of hell that trouble the land
That made us all the victims of time.

Composed by Idowu Adegbilero-Iwari in thought of Chibok Girls in April 2014 @ Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria